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Irish Reds are highly sought after for their value to Southern producers who often prefer red hided animals for their improved heat tolerance. Irish Red cattle exhibit all of the same high performance characteristics of Irish Blacks, including superior feed efficiency rates.  A red hair coat color is the single defining characteristic that distinguishes an Irish Red from an Irish Black animal.

Irish Reds developed from fifty years of a performance based line breeding program.  Today, Irish Reds are consistent, uniform, and super efficient.  The genetic makeup of Irish Reds is protected and verified by the IRISH RED.   

Irish Reds have light birth weights, superior fertility, fast maturity, high milk and weaning weights, excellent feed efficiency, moderate frames, and red hides.  Irish Reds possess line-bred genetic strength to dominate when bred to other beef cattle.  The result is an efficient, well balanced, superior performing calf.

​Cash in on exciting new marketing opportunities by utilizing Irish Red genetics in your commercial cattle operation, or consider becoming an Irish Red cattle producer today.

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