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Irish Blacks developed from fifty years of a performance based line breeding program.  Today, Irish Blacks are consistent, uniform, and super efficient. The
genetic makeup of Irish Blacks is protected and verified
by the IRISH BLACK.    

Irish Blacks have superior fertility, light birth weights, fast maturity, top feed efficiency, high milk and weaning weights, moderate frames, and dark hides.  Irish Blacks possess line-bred genetic strength to dominate when bred to other beef cattle.  The result is a well balanced, efficient, superior performing calf.

With the challenges faced by today's cattle producers, Irish Blacks offer unique opportunities.  Utilizing Irish Black genetics, a commercial cattle operation can effectively battle constantly rising production costs by improving fertility performance, increasing pregnancy rates, and lowering feed bills.  The efficiency of Irish Black cattle is unmatched in the cattle industry.  In fact, no other beef breed comes close to the 4.79 average conversion rate proven by a recent pen of half blood Irish Black feedlot steers.  The bottom-line financial impact of that kind of feed efficiency for a producer running 100 head of average beef cows; is that same producer can run approximately 120 head of half blood Irish Black females on the same feed those 100 head of average beef cows consume!

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